The Infrastructure Revolution Begins NOW...

EarthGrid's Plasma Technology Heralds the Transformation of the World's Infrastructure.

23 March 2023
by Scott Lane, Bob Heyman, Craig Miller, Fanis Korompokis with Viktor Grant

Tunneling is Not Boring it is the Solution

Earthgrid Plasma Tunnel Boring Machine Robot

EarthGrid™ announces the world’s first way to tunnel, trench, and excavate using

eco-friendly patented plasma tunnel-boring technology

EarthGrid’s patented Plasma Technology heralds the transformation of the world's infrastructure. Compared to traditional tunneling, trenching, and excavation methods, this technology

  • Works exponentially faster
  • Saves dramatically in costs
  • Lays cables, wires and create tunnels that are robust and reliable

Instead of environmentally damaging explosives and high-speed drills, EarthGrid focuses on high-power plasma torches that vaporize and break up hard rock and obstacles allowing for rapid cost-efficient completion of vital projects that otherwise would have been abandoned due to cost & regulations.

EarthGrid, a Public Benefit Corporation, won the coveted Platinum Honor from Pepperdine University as the “Most Fundable Company”.

To support the world's transition to renewable energy, an upgraded physical infrastructure is required to support: high-speed internet, efficient management of the power budget, and safeguarding against extreme weather conditions.

EarthGrid is now ready to build this Super Grid to address our current inadequate failing electrical distribution system. Plasma technology will revolutionize the tunneling and trenching that underlies this system, making the needed work exponentially faster, and dramatically cheaper than traditional tunnel boring.

EarthGrid is offering everybody the opportunity to partake in this revolution. EarthGrid invites the public through Net Capital, a leading crowdfunding site, to fund the development and implementation of this world-changing new technology.

“EarthGrid’s mission is to implement groundbreaking technology to build the future-proof infrastructure that the world needs.” explained Scott Lane, EarthGrid’s COO, “Consistent with this mission, we are inviting everybody to own a piece of the future via Net Capital, democratizing the future that EarthGrid is dedicated to.”

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Earthgrid COO Scott Lane is available for interviews.

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