Message from the Founder

Dear Participants of ONE: The Event,

I’m Erik Lawyer, a firefighter in Seattle. Like many people, I was angry about 9/11. Over the past 10 years, I’ve seen that the fear that turned to anger has been destructive and in most cases counterproductive. I recently came to see that the only way to move beyond the problems and towards the solutions is through love and forgiveness.

The vision for “ONE The Event” was inspired by my personal shift from fear and blame to love and responsibility. When I choose love not only do I see the best qualities in me, and those around me, but more loving and passionate people just show up in my life.

The power of choosing love is also exemplified by the creation of this event. The organic growth of this event will show the power of humanity when people choose love together, and the beauty of humanity in harmony.

I clearly see that this planet is ready for a shift from fear to love. I know there are many people all around the globe, just like you and me that are ready and excited to make this happen.

In just a few short weeks; with the love from a very small core team, a man named Marek, and my wife, we already see the beginnings of the unity this event is creating. I am truly blessed, and humbled by the selflessness, the love and the passion that has helped launch this vision. I am also humbled and grateful beyond words to all the people around the globe that have been sharing their love and contributing their passion even while I was stuck in fear and anger. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and know that you have made a difference.

I clearly see that this planet is filled with people who share the same vision of a future based on love and acceptance. These people exist around the world in every community, and they express their love and contribution through service, business, healing, art, music, and just by being loving and positive. If you are still reading, you are clearly one of these people. We invite you to share your passion and gifts to help build ONE: The Event. And, we invite you to join us in sending love on 9/11/11, ask others to do the same, and follow us to keep abreast of our exciting upcoming announcements regarding our worldwide event. Together, WE ARE ONE.

Thank you,

Erik Lawyer, Fire Fighter

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