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"12 Pillars of Human Endeavor"



Originally designed by futurist & social architect, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Founder of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, the 12 Pillars shown here (above) match & advance Barbara's popular12 point Wheel of Co-Creation (right) based on the Model of the Peace Room, which focuses on a world that works for all. Barbara along with

many others including officials in Washington DC saw

this wheel as an open-source tool that would help us define and bridge us from old hierarchical systems to ones based in co-creation and bridging resources and needs in evolutionary ways. The system itself has been a gift to our world through Barbara and others for over 3 decades and is a poignant and deeply informed model that also is based in Buckminster Fuller's system of Synergetics.


How we use it

Each pillar is self explanatory.  These are the fundamental social, economic and ecological elements upon which a healthy civilization is built. Each one has many different attributes and aspects within itself. Highlighting solution areas in Pillars helps us to organize around these huge topics. 


Embracing Whole-System(s): Beyond the Pillars

While the Pillars cover the WHAT (solutions, impact areas, and issues); facilitating meaningful collaboration also requires coherence, trust and synergy. Supporting coherence, trust and synergy are the many innovative team members & program partners, including Empowerment WORKS (EW) sharing 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) & Partners in Empowerment (PIE) universal frameworks for collaboration; CAST (Conscious Action Starts Today) with its story based context, and Tribal Convergence with living examples of local community building.


More about the 12 Pillar Model & its Purpose 

By organizing solutions presented (and co-created) at ONE: The Gathering around these 12 Pillars we hope to simplify the massive issues of how humans are living, working and creating on the planet and inviting (your) solutions!  One pillar at a time makes the process of rebuilding, restructuring and revising systems, structures, and ways of being more fun, graceful and manageable. Through the context of these 12 solution areas, speakers, musicians and young poets at ONE: The Gathering will shed light on an array of macro components of human life and our relationship to the planet and nature as a whole. The Seattle Community of leading edge organizations and individuals are invited to participate in collaborative processes that facilitate these efforts in their own arenas, with cross pollination and network building.

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